Road Rules

The loose goals of my two month trip are to visit as many of those States I have not previously been to and learn a lot more about the country.

My very vague itinerary is as follows:

New York > Ohio > Michigan > Indiana > Iowa > South Dakota > North Dakota > Montana > Idaho > Washington >  Oregon …..
….. and then I’ll figure out how to get back.

To all that I am setting myself some basic Road Rules:

  1. Travel via Blue Highways as far as possible.
  2. Milk the Irish thing for everything it’s worth.
  3. Find Movie & Book related locations and independent Bookstores.
  4. Avoid big cities (except Nashville!).
  5. Maximum of two nights per location.
  6. Keep my opinions to myself (the toughest of rules).
  7. See as much live music as possible.
  8. Eat only in “Where are you from, Buddy?” locations. No Fast Food.
  9. Plan & Book travel Day by Day.
  10. Talk to every Tom, Dick & Harry along the way.karlrainman2