The Journey Begins

Road Movies have long been my favorite genre of film.

I grew up my first 22 years in Ireland, before moving to the United States. As a family of nine we shared a small semi-detached, three bedroom, one bathroom home alongside the canals. My family never owned a car, my parents never had licenses.

Maybe the tight quarters back in Galway, and my family’s travel limitations, gave the concept of aimless cross continental drives and vast open terrains such an appeal. Those Losers and Loners with no needs or restrictions beyond the road and a full tank of gas – what’s not to love?

Or maybe I’m just full of shit and like driving and movies about long journeys and human oddities. Its now embarrassing to admit, I got my first driving license at the tender age of 43. This driving thing is still a fun novelty.

Bottom line, I’ve got two months of aimless, solo, cross country meandering ahead. I am mostly guilty of being the guy that flew over the fly-over States. It’s now time for me to learn a little more about the rest of the country. It’s time to find out if I’m Max Rockatansky, Clarence Worley or maybe Thelma or Louise. Maybe Raymond Babbitt……

Thanks for joining me!

One can never get lost if one has a GPS — Gandhi


14 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I say Gov’na…Wow. you are living my High School dream that I still talk about going cross country with my buddy Mike. it’s a big country. Take it slow and have a great time! Safe travels and God bless your adventure!! – Vinny


  2. Karl, I am mightily impressed at this entire enterprise. I wish you the very best, and you can be sure I will be following your story closely. You’re a bold lad, ‘ye are! Le meas- Janine O’Brien


  3. Sta just told me about this. I’m totally going to follow along with you- super fun. I’ve driven across country 3 times and would do it 10 more, I love it. I love how we’re all connect on this slab of dirt and rocks. Let me know if you want any ideas. How far west you going?


      1. Zion in Utah. The Narrow hike/walk. You walk up a knee deepish river through a canyon. At least that was true 27 year ago. I’m sure you can get coffee and a tshirt somewhere.

        Moab is also lovely. If you want to stay at a place that has more character than luxury ,check this place out

        If you get here you can go on the Movie Tour of SF:

        We’re not Hotels Tonight but we’ve got a couch and we’re next to the Berkeley campus. You can go to another fanatics football game, “Go Bears” and if the day is right, Sunday Dollar Day at the race track which is s short walk away.

        If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.


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