Tooleing Around: Day 25


Latte and gluten free blue cheese bacon scone and flip flops and beach shorts and Cat Stevens and Florence & The Machine on audio. The Sleepy Monk could not have been more organic; the scone was scrumptious, oven fresh and the latte perfect. I now understand  why Sleepy Monk had the only line on a quiet day, it never got smaller .


Ok, it got more organic, Neil Young , Harvest Moon, just came on.
I took a long walk along Cannon Beach to see it properly in daylight, there was a light mish, still hanging over the morning. Definitely the most spectacular beach I’ve been on. This is a town I would come back  to.
Not a single person in the water.Chickens.
Rita and Maureen O Keefe were good enough to take some non selfies for me on the beach. Here out of Portland they come to Cannon Beach every year around this time, when the temperature is good and there are less tourists. They consider Cannon Beach their spot . Together many years they met working together in the OR. They are avid photographers, and planning to visit and shoot Ireland soon. Their feel is that the mountains represent the weather and cultural divide this side of the country.
Cannon Beach is one of my favorites landing spots to date. Given the choice it’s always the ocean and beach for me when it comes to scenery. It was nice to shake sand from my shoes.

Heading south on 101.

Then discovered, as I was driving away, I had missed most of the town. I found Parking and went exploring. Dropped by the Cannon Beach Book Company, a welcoming medium sized store with that Beach town feel. The well read owner gave me the perfect quote about the obsession of readers with buying excessive  books. I can’t remember what it is.
Then Insomnia for Cappuccino (also the title of my second favorite Faithless song) and a cheddar bacon scone.  Lunch.  What is happening to me?
The staff had that East Village NYC feel, just cleaner.
Great music Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Chris Isaac cover, Zepplin, Eminem ……FE15867E-BECD-4EFC-A8D3-807ABC504DD5
This is how I like my seaside towns , much more Montauk than AC.
The road out took me along Sunset Boulevard – another movie reference. Score!
Following in the vein of my heroes Wallace & Gromit, I love All Things Cheese. With that I was excited to hear of the Tillamook Creamery, a major Oregonian dairy tourist attraction, along scenic route 101 South.
It smells like cowshit in the carpark.
Begun in 1909, by a number of small creameries, to ensure quality, the group has expanded over 100 plus years and multiple family generations into the hugely successful co-op it is today. This visitor center opened in 2018, I’d no idea cheese was so popular with tourists, the large carpark was at capacity, there had to be a couple of thousand visitors . The whole operation remains farmer owned.

As well as the usual exhibits and dairy based food halls, on display  is the full, functioning cheese manufacturing process – milk through wrapping, meticulously laid out.
The cheeses were fine, and I’d put them on a burger. I wouldn’t be serving them at a cocktail gathering though.
There is a lot of food here and a lot of people waiting for it , some torn between the draw of free curd samples and the not free ice cream stand. Ice cream seemed to be winning.
I will say again, I bought the tuxedo I got married in faster than these people choose an ice cream flavor. Ice cream tourists like to read every one of the 50 listed flavors out loud before they pick. Some even call friend from the ice cream line and list them and describe every flavor they have ever tried. Some look like they have tried every flavor , today . I bet they sell punch cards.
I don’t do well in lines .
Damn good ice cream , Mountain Huckleberry. Action photo, not food,
It was to be my first dairy based gift store and I was unreasonably excited at the prospect. I was not disappointed and I did reel myself in. Bought more rubbish for my office.


Most of the cheeses sold here are produced locally save some from the sister co-op in Israel. They can be found in the “Cheeses of Nazareth” section.

I’d like to thank my brother for Dad Joke #73
I’ve now covered corn and cheese on the trip.
All in all, the Museum was a mooving experience (#74)
Started down 101 along the Pacific Coast and kept driving to Coos Bay. I was originally aiming for Newport then Florence, it did not look like a Florence, so I kept going. I did catch some good views on the route, but I’m thinking I missed a lot in the dark on those hairpin mountain roads .
210 miles later, dinner at Walters Pourhouse in what appears to be an industrial park by the docks. Lovely, It’s hopping and is still serving food at 10:30. They are playing great reggae and Bob Marleys spirit scents the air. Looks like another state that allows one armed bandits in the pubs. Sticking with the cheese theme, I ordered a grilled cheese and anyway, the tofu burger was sold out. I’ve not had cheese this good since my curds last visit to Wisconsin. ABB3175C-6B51-4E15-BABD-9E7AE9967DE9
I learned who the Hamm Bear and Oregon State Beaver are, from Bob at the bar, who recently had to move here because his girlfriend got in trouble in Denver. I didn’t push for details.
Heading for Redwood tomorrow. Today was a lot more driving than I’d planned , but if did get me closer to California.
Not hanging in the Coos longer than I need .
The Bills:
Hotel: $130
Dinner: $9
Gas: $23

5 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 25

  1. Nice puns. That water off Cannon Beach is darn cold. Glad you found the Sleepy Monk – a chill place. Portland is not too far from the coast and a really fun city. If you go – check out VooDoo Donut – the lines are long but worth it. Dinner at Tin Shed or Por Que No would be a winner.


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