Tooleing Around: Day 46


I felt like Michael Douglas in Falling Down this morning. I got to Starlings at 12:05, top rated breakfast spot, they stop making sandwiches at Noon. Looked like a dump too, for all the rankings. Not sure if the staff or establishment needed a good scrubbing more. I wasn’t eating a nuked fridge sandwich. Next !
This double headed goaty coffee place a bit further along had a very good cappuccino and decent scone, though not to the blue cheese and bacon level of back West. I’ve turned in to a biscuit connoisseur.
The coffee shop staff told me to check out the Cultural Center. It’s a big collection of  govermental looking buildings, that surround the gold domed state capital, with various public displays . There is a monument to the World Wars as you enter the park area. I started out with the West Virginia State Museum, It has free entry.
I touched Donny Osmonds dress at the Hippie Culture exhibit, right on entry. The exhibits here cover the full history of WV, with the usual cheesy , re-enactment videos. It was heavy on Civil War history. This one had creepy video oil paintings talking to one another.
I did learn a lot about John Brown, and saw a painting of him, just hours before his body lay a molding in the grave. Also learned West Virginia’s secession occurred after the Civil War when it became the 35th State.57E36513-D480-4E97-A471-A2B9893322C0
Theres an interesting little exhibit on the Hatfield and McCoys. No one knows the real start of the feud, but it’s believed it was all precipitated by the theft of a Razorback hog.
Of course, a lot of the museum is dedicated to the coal mining industry.
I believe I’ve already used my “two tents” joke.
And I’m repeating my “pressing engagement”.  Though this time with s printing press, rather than a large iron,
This museum blows. Bellows -get it, blows. I believe is new, if not that original.
The same implement I had seen previously, for ladies grooming, was displayed in WV with the Gatling Gun. What in the name of Jehovah is it for? I’m visiting too many Western Museums.
Speaking of Westerns, I did finish the Dodge City Audio Book and it was excellent . To quote the John Ford movie, “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”
I’d say in this case, the real story of Wyatt Earp and the boys is far more fascinating and violent than any of the legendary versions. Wyatt was no saint .
Back to the Museum,The heads moved on these creepy animal things and they make constipated noises. Jesus. And scabby looking ducks, always ducks. Back in Claude’s Amusements in Galway , as a kid, there used to be a glass case of marionettes on strings, that danced when you put a penny in. They still turn up in my nightmares.

Who thinks animatronics are a good thing? I needed to get back to sunlight.

I’ve had enough State Museums for one year, but I need a souvenir. They had the biggest collection of key chains of any museum. I got the “Almost Heaven” West Virginia shaped .

Walking around more, I feel like Charleton Heston in Omega Man, where is everyone? This is the State Capital on a perfect Friday afternoon. Deserted .
Me and a bell.
I’m struggling in West Virginia trying to entertain myself.  it really be this dull? Mountain Mama – sent me some guidance. I drove the streets in a zig zag looking for the post office. No one lives her.
As I anticipated, once I passed Nashville, on my way back East, I was going to sprint through the last States. I’d originally planned on a night in Maryland but it’s time for those Country Roads to take me home. And I’d started reusing bad jokes. I was turning in to my brother.
“Three holes in the ground. Well. Well. Well.”
630 miles from West Virginia to Ancram, New York. Time to pull a late nighter. And I’m off…
Hotel: $0
Gas: $TBD

4 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 46

  1. That’s a wrap folks. As bartenders around the world say every night, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Amazing journey was had, even by those of us just following yours! Thanks!


  2. Glad you went for Charlton Heston not Will Smith (wasn’t the novel I am Legend?)

    Flashman and the Angle of the Lord features John Brown. The author George MacDonald Frazer was a respected historian and used Flashman’s imagined encounters as a tool to present real people as true to their real life persona as possible, often blowing the myths apart. Recall John Brown was not straightforward, nor was Custer.


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