Coronavirus Days 14 – Ripped

I’m determined to take advantage of the additional time I have up here in the country.

So, I’ve pulled out all that gym equipment I’d bought years ago and never used. It was covered with all kinds of debris in the garage. The dumbbells must be broken. I can’t lift them. The Bowflex adjustable weights were glued to their base with filth and dust. I had to take a hose to them. If I ever lie down on that yoga mat I’ll need to be separated with a spatula. The elliptical has no power. But Netflix is working on the TV on top of the garage fridge. I’ll step and binge.

I’ll be ripped by May.

Golds Ancramdale

I ran out to Stewart’s and got some provisions today. There was green mold on my Wonder Bread. I was afraid it would catch fire in the toaster. Stewart’s was quiet but fully stocked and fully staffed. The gas station/grocery store chain has the best self branded ginger ale in the country, for those that drink it. I’m always reminded by Stewart’s low prices just how expensive Manhattan is.

I once saw a 70 year old man wearing only red Speedo’s order a hot dog at the counter at Stewart’s. I’ve never been able to eat hot dogs since. I also stopped wearing Speedo’s.

Moldy Bread Emergency

Note to self: Google if green bread mold is poisonous.

Tonight’s binge, book and movie linkage is Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. The selection tonight simply because I was exchanging recommendations with my Scottish mate, James Whitelaw. Clan Whitelaw is on lockdown in San Fran. James is another man who always has a book in hand and a few opinions.

I first saw McGregor starring in the magnificent 1994 indie Shallow Grave. This black comedy crime film tells the tale of three selfish roommates in an Edinburgh flat. The story centers on their dreadful behavior after they come into a lot of money from the fourth new apartment occupant, and the lengths they are willing to go to to keep it. McGregor plays a smug arsehole journalist and the worst influence in the shared apartment. You’ll be rubbing your shins after one scene courtesy of Ozark’s Peter Mullen.

Maddy Naylor told me she’s getting sick of Dads sour dough. Max is probably sick of cleaning up Kev’s kitchen mess. Alfie is always such a happy child, so I’m sure he’s not complaining about anything. Kevin’s bread looks pretty fantastic to me though (see earlier Wonder Bread musings). London’s on a two week lockdown.

This was Danny Boyle’s first movie and it introduced him and McGregor to the world. Their next movie, Trainspotting , made them stars.
Trainspotting, put quite simply, is one of the greatest movies ever made. It’s the story of four young heroin addicts in Edinburgh. Spud; Rent Boy ; Sick Boy and Begbie. None of them offer much to like but Christ they are fun to spend time with.

This 1996 film is hilarious, vile and sometimes disturbing. The film’s dynamic look and feel was groundbreaking when it landed and it hasn’t aged since. It’s also got THE greatest soundtrack ever. The Lust for Life explosive opening introduced Iggy Pop to whole new generations. If you don’t watch the film at least download the music. I’m always amazed that a film that packs in so much is only 95 minutes long. It’s mega rewatchable and quotable.

The movie is based on the 1993 book Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, a twisted soul. This is his first.The novel is formed from individual short stories, in different voices and dialects, coming from the people involved or effected by the heroin culture in Scotland. It is a challenge but definitely one you should read. Not for the easily offended, so I found it a little tough.

Lust For Life

And finally on the Ewan McGregor front – Fargo Season 3. McGregor plays twin brothers who have no love lost for one another. Robbery, leads to murders and there’s organized crime and bulimic gangsters involved. The three seasons of Fargo can be watched independently of each other. The cast and storylines have the tiniest of connections across seasons. I’m highly recommending all three seasons (that’s thirty full episodes).

Billy Bob Thornton is a standout in the first season as an off the wall hit man. Series one does have a single small link to the Coen brothers film Fargo, but that’s sll (it involves a snow scraper). For Coen fans it is fun to watch out for the Easter eggs. Binge it!

Season 4 coming soon with Chris Rock.

AND watch the movie Fargo – it’s a gem.

My mother told me I should have mentioned William Petersen in Manhunter yesterday. She loves him.

Nora, Maeve & Caroline are passing some time playing with the latest Geary family member, Zoey. All at home in Westchester , NY.

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus Days 14 – Ripped

  1. Fargo is probably my fav series over the last few years. Definitely retains the spirit of the film, hilarious and horrific, often at the same time. Looking forward to season 4

    Me and Alf just finished the latest “Trip”. They’re driving round Greece this time. Still excellent, and again full beautiful cinematography. Micheal Winterbottom does an astounding job considering it’s fundamentally just two blokes bickering in a car…

    And have you watched Twin Peaks The Return yet? Really want to hear your take on it.


    Ps Great bread pic

    Pps I can save you some google-time, yes mold on bread is poisonous, or can be to more exact. And don’t try and cut it off, the threads go a long way down. Got to take care of yourself up there Karl…


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