Coronavirus Days 21 – Deadwood

I stepped outside once all day and took a photo with this owl planter. That’s about as exciting as it got.

I have scheduled a vacation day tomorrow. It is a strange concept these days. My intention is to golf. My club is officially opened. I so love saying “My Club”. As Daniel Craig correctly claimed in Layer Cake, “Everybody wants to walk through a door marked Private.”

As a positive side to all the goings on in the world – I’ve been eating better. In the dozen years we have lived in our Manhattan apartment, I have cooked once. We order in every evening, always too much and never anything healthy. The one time I did cook in the apartment was Christmas Day 2016. When I tried to turn the oven on it wouldn’t work. The super got the oven working for me. I haven’t used it since.

I may only have cooked there only once but I did it right.

When Stacey (mystery wife) and myself first stared courting, she once brought me breakfast in bed. It was a coke and crackers and plastic wrapped cheese on a paper plate. I laughed.

“That’s the last fucking time I’ll ever bring you breakfast,” Stacey responded gently.

I had a hangover. I ate the crackers and cheese. Stacey remains true to her threat to this very day. I do all the cooking. I prepare my own crackers and cheese.

When I say I’m eating healthier recently I of course mean home cooked meat and potatoes. Nothing green or steamed.

Missing Wife Last Seen on Horse

To prove I’m not a complete narcissist, I’m adding a new page for Lists on my Blog. This was prompted by an extensive list of documentary recommendations from Ken Brandt. This will be the first shared List. 

“Right on! I’m as excited as Steve Martin from The Jerk when he made it into the phone book!” Ken exclaimed, when I told him he’d be the first entry on my exclusives Lists page.

Send on your your list of entertainment recommendations and I’ll share it there.

My mother loves Ian McShane. Once again on that Honeymoon in London, Maree saw McShane in his first film The Wild and The Willing. She also loves the series Lovejoy, a darling with the PBS set. It all sounds too nice for me.


I love Ian McShane because he played Al Swearengen, the foul-mouthed saloon owner and conniver in the brilliant series Deadwood. Deadwood, the greatest television western ever produced, ran for 3 seasons on HBO and concluded with a two hour move in 2019, after a 14-year hiatus. On a basic level the story charts the growth of Deadwood from a camp to a bustling town. But this is not your basic Western.


I’m sticking with Deadwood as my book recommendation. The 1986 novel by Peter Dexter comes at the town’s history from the angle of Wild Bill Hickock and his best pal Charlie Utter. The two other books I’d also recommend by Dexter are award winner Paris,Trout and The Paperboy.

Much as the punch count multiplies as you move from Rocky movie to Rocky movie, the body count just gets bigger and bigger with every new John Wick movie. The John Wick films are brain dead, highly stylized, gun-fu actioners. They are exactly what they are supposed to be. The better action films recently have made a return to old school stunts and away from computer generated action, as John Wick does . Watch the making of documentaries to see how much Keanu commits to training for these roles. The dude is in his fifties. I may just watch all three back to back tomorrow. That’s a vacation day.

Continental Hotel

The John Wick connection? Ian McShane plays Winston. The proprietor of the Continental Hotel, the assassin safe haven downtown Manhattan.

I’m seeing ants in the kitchen. Already!

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