Coronavirus Days 23 & 24 – Lawyers

Stacey and Fumonia B have had a great 2020 riding season in Florida. With all the goings on Stacey stayed and worked in Wellington the past month and got to ride frequently. Why not – with the good weather and certainly not as insane as NYC yet. Wellington is where those horse people compete during the winter season. It’s Nirvana if you are into horses. They give me a rash.

A Good Season for Stacey & B

I golfed yesterday at my club. The first official round of the season.

The golf course was as busy as I’ve ever seen it. Another small upside to this craziness is that people are walking the course. I always have.
It was a pristine day and I got out with Trey again. We bumped into four of my buddies out there – bumped from a safe distance. All four are equally unshaven and disheveled. I still believe I look the most manly. At the end of all this lunacy we should have a charity shave off! How can I organize that?

Trey on 13

I did binge through the latest season of Ozark. The third maybe the best. Intense!

I have been reconnecting with a lot of friends these last few weeks. It’s one other positive aspect in this mess.

Like myself, my friend Kara Owens has a weekend escape outside the city. Kara has had some beaver problems over the years. Much like my ground hog that beaver likes to chew on her wood. Kara has had only one distant beaver sighting so far this year, but Kara is primed for resumed spring gnawing. Everyone should have a pet name for their little furry friend . Kara nicknamed hers Bernie Beaver. I call my groundhog – Fucking Groundhog.

Ken and Kara have escaped NYC and are working out of their Bethel NY retreat these days.

Ken, Kara, Cash & Gingerbread at their Lake Front Home

I’m going with a lawyer theme for my recommendations, simply because I’m married to one.

The Verdict, stars Paul Newman as a down on his luck ambulance chaser. He gets one more chance at the big time when he’s handed a medical mal-practive case. This one is directed by Sydney Lumet and written by David Mamet. Court dramas don’t get better pedigree than that. That closing scene just rings in your head long after the end. This is possibly my favorite Paul Newman performance.

When you have finished The Verdict, follow it up with 12 Angry Men, Lumet’s tight jury room masterpiece.

Presumed Innocent is the mystery/courtroom novel that spawned a multitude of imitators. A prosecuting attorney, Rusty Sabich, is assigned the case of his colleagues rape and murder. The novel, by lawyer turned author Scott Turow, still ranks as best in breed. Turow is a great writer and storyteller.

Better Call Saul

The Presumed Innocent film adaptation, starring Harrison Ford, stays true to the book and is definitely worth a viewing too. The film has one crushing last line, as does the book.

I haven’t recommended Breaking Bad as a binger, because I’m assuming everyone has already watched it. And if not, drop everything else you are viewing and start it. Without fear of contradiction, it is one of the greatest three television series ever made.

So for those that have not already started the series, Better Call Saul, is right up there with the best. Saul follows the back story of con-man/lawyer Jimmy McGill, as he transitions into sleazey Saul Goodman and before he worked for Breaking Bad’s Walter White. We also get a little taste of where Saul landed post Walter White.

Jack Mc Donnell is having a hard time getting any work done in Bermuda.

My golf club did close down the practice range again, after just four days open. Too many idiots couldn’t stick with the guidelines.

I just realized next week is Easter. There will not be a lot of crucifix kissing this Good Friday I’d imagine. I have to say of all the Catholic ceremonies that one was always a bit on the unhygienic side. The Priests thumb stuck back your throat with the Holy Communion was one thing, but kissing a damp Jesus was always a bit off.

Perfect Golf Day

Since there’s not a lot of tooleing around going on, I may get a little less consistent with this blogging .

Distant Beaver Shot.
Full Protection for my Buddy Mark McGarvry. He took a break from Manhattan.
More Raking

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