Coronavirus Days 44 – 45 – 46 – Netflix

I was so bored today I reorganized a closet. You are so bored you are reading about it.

My golf club did reopen , strict social distancing and limited to groups of three. Saturday was spectacular on the course and full credit to my club for having the greens and fairways in such wonderful condition with their hands tied.

The Fab Five

Sitting around here, slightly bored and very distracted. this rainy sleety snowy Sunday, I listed a number of lesser known recent movies that I really enjoyed. These are films currently available on Netflix that you might not have seen.

If you cannot find something from my list to enjoy you have terrible taste in film.

I was so bored Monday I drove Wifey 20 miles to a Fax.

Locke – For 86 minutes you travel alone in a car with construction site manager Locke (best actor of his generation – Tom Hardy) Along the road he deals with a number of crises, both business and personsl, from the phone. This solo drive to London is riveting.

Green Room – the members of a punk band are trapped in the back room of a remote Oregon club/roadhouse after witnessing a murder. The skinheads they were there to entertain want to wipe out all witnesses. Captain Picard as a white supremacist, trying to make it so. It’s a nail biter.

In the Closet

Mississippi Grind – a two time loser and compulsive gambler( Ben Mendelson) is fronted on a high stakes trip by a newfound friend (Ryan Reynolds) who thinks he’s his lucky charm. A superior gambling film.

Good Time – After a failed robbery, lowlife Robert Pattinson races against the clock to raise bail money for his mentally challenged brother. An intense sprint.

The Gift – An uncomfortable loser from their past (Joel Edgerton) inserts himself into the lives of a power couple (Jason Bateman/Rebecca Hall). This psychological thriller was my movie of 2015 with the ultimate love it or hate it ending. Either way, it will leave you thinking.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina – a programmer ( Domhnall Gleason) is invited to a remote location, by his CEO, to conduct the Turing test on a female humanoid. This film won the 2016 Academy Award for its unique visual effects. Thought provoking sci-fi with hot robots.

The Crying Game – a failed IRA man (Stephen Rea) is hiding out from everyone in London. He falls in love with the lover of the British Soldier who died under his watch in captivity. This film is a mixture of thriller, love story, race, gender and national politics. And the Boy George cover of the title song is kinda perfect.

Searching for Sugarman – in this documentary the filmmaker sets out to find the real story of the deceased 70s South African cult musician , Rodriguez. Surprising and Inspiring.

Abbie & Cathal take their Social Distancing Seriously

The King’s Speech – this 2019 best picture winner tells the tale of future King George (Oscar winner Colin Firth) as he battles his debilitating stammer under the tutelage of an Australian therapist (previous Oscar Winner Geoffrey Rush). Warm & Uplifting.

Sling blade – the movie that launched Billy Bob Thornton’s career also won him an Oscar for his screenplay. Billy Bob plays a mentally challenged adult released from an institute, where he has spent most of his life for murdering his mother and her lover. He starts a protective friendship with a young boy. What could possibly go wrong? Not a comedy.

Golf Saturday under New Order

Mud – two young Arkansas boys happen on Mud (Matthew McConaughey) hiding out on an Island in the Mississippi. The boys try to help him reunite with his lost love (Reese Witherspoon) as he hides out from bounty hunters, tracking him on a murder rap. It’s got a Modern Huck & Finn vibe.

Hell or High Water – in this contemporary western , two Texan brothers (Chris Pine/Ben Foster) rob local banks to try and save their family ranch. Sheriff Jeff Bridges is on their trail. Thrilling and smart.

Abbie is so bored she ran off and joined the circus

The Death of Stalin – Stalin pops his clogs in 1953 and his power hungry cronies (including Steve Buscemi) make their play for the big chair. This darkest of dark comedies is based on the actual historical events.

The Death of Stalin was written by Armando Ianucci, creator of Veep. It’s based on his mile a minute British political series The Thick of It.

Veep, followed the trail of presidential hopeful Selena Meyers for seven cut throat seasons on HBO. It’s my best comedy ever. It earned Julia Louis Dreyfus the most Emmys in a comedy ever, for a reason.

My Wonderful Friend Fizza and her Beautiful Baby Boy Isaac are doing great in Sweden. See you somewhere soon!

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