Back & Bored #6

I love the smell of goat shit in the morning. Smells like…… Salisbury, Connecticut” – Bill Kilgore (Local).

“Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe!”

The aromatic ram farm is a centerpiece to the picturesque New England town of Salisbury.

“Its fun to watch,” continued Bill the retired Vietnam veteran. “Visitors collect their garbage through out the week and come here over the weekends and feed those stinking goats. One man travels all the way from upstate New York near Albany with the grandkids. He says they like eatin’ leftover chicken in black bean sauce best, which I find odd. That’s not like a sheep.”

Met up with my good buddy Cathryn for lunch this week. She’s moved jobs and is doing very well in her new position. Cathryn has started her own Rewatchables Movie Club at the new company. I’m feeling emotional!

Salisbury has that Wonder Bread vibe. As my bestie Kevin said when we went there for pie, it felt like a set for the Stepford Wives.

I continue to do my shopping in Connecticut. Le Bonne’s is an attractive, locally owned supermarket that I enjoy for its personality. You do pay for that personality. I had to hit up my Christmas Club account to purchase Filet Mignon.

Sweet Williams, on the main drag, is the regional go-to spot for pastries. They bake the best asiago and bacon scones I’ve had. And of course pie. This is where Kevin and myself had our Cheese Danish. The coffee is decent, not great. Get there early – product sells out. A must for Christmas & Thanksgiving orders. Their Black & White Cake is magnificent.


Should it now be The Stepford Partners? I just completed additional compliance and diversity training and I’m confused. It didn’t help that my sound didn’t work for the online session and I winged the answers. I hope it was not a checklist.

Lakeville, the next door town to Salisbury has The Boathouse Restaurant and I believe a lake to offer. Their menu is an odd mix of Americana and Sushi (maybe fresh from the Lake?). The last time I was there a waiter dumped a full glass of red wine all over a brand new previously pink shirt. Maybe an accident – maybe I deserved it. It was back in my boozing days.

New Thing I’ve Done Because of The Pandemic #3: Got the Peloton. I’m a big fan.

The White Hart Inn, established in 1806, has an excellent country menu served in their elegant dining room. I’ve never had a reason to stay there but its a charming spot.
You Know Who You Are
Another big project completed . Our upstate driveway is 1/5 mile long and had badly washed out with the summer storms. There were troughs a foot deep in parts. Great job by Boyles Bulldozing and our good neighbor Terry. Terry also saved my lily white when the tree came down last year.
I found it I’d easier to just leave those shoes in permanently and slip my feet out.

Movie Stuff – Taxi Driver

Sally did an excellent job introducing and running the microphone. It was her first viewing, selected on a dice roll. She appreciated Taxi Driver thankfully.

Despite spotty reviews from the group it got a reluctant 100% Thumbs up.

Opinions were split between the older viewers (myself included) who consider it a timeless 70s masterpiece and those who found the first hour boring. They felt it would have benefited from an Avengers style climax to open.

On what was probably my 20th viewing I had a new thought. If saving Iris was Plan B is there anything at all heroic about Travis? Did he simply buy a hammer and look for any nail?

Kevin – I took photos of the handwriting – it’s different. Travis did not write the parent letter to himself.

Next week my book reading buddy Asha is presenting Uncut Gems. It was one of my movies of the year in 2019. Adam Sandler is usually like a cheese grater to the knuckles for me. Sometimes I enjoy a good cheese grating.

Trust me! It’s great.

Sunday I’m driving South. I’ve only got four States left to see on the mainland to fill my gaps. I’m taking this little buggy and starting back out to Tennessee. A sporty Mercedes with New York plates going through Alabama and Mississippi during a Pandemic. What could go wrong? Stay tuned. Time to milk the accent.

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