Never Go to Bed with Your Hair Wet

Team Tooleing – It’s been a long while since I posted.

So, I’m starting up an Online Movie Club with my Wisconsin Bestie Brienne.

We will host a chat every couple of weeks on a pre-selected film. We have run a similar group together successfully in-house for three years. It’s really just an opportunity to hang with friends for a fun get together. Maybe meet a few people and maybe even learn a little more about films as a bonus.

Brienne will be leading inaugural movie next week, I’m on Mic the following week.

Hope to see you there. Sign Up!

Yes – I’m bored again.

2 thoughts on “Never Go to Bed with Your Hair Wet

  1. Wonderful you and friend have a new venture Karl, sounds fun! We can’t wait to see your movie picks! 🍿🍿 🍿
    Looks like you are also having a GREAT hair day as well, what more can you ask for…yes?
    Please send all your styling secrets, ( in code ) of course.


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