Tooleing Around: Day 1

Three States Traversed Today. Try saying that with a brogue .

I put 540 miles on the dial Tuesday, to get a quick westward spurt.

I’m in Mentor, Ohio – ranked 37th best town to live in the United States . I arrived in the dark so hard to tell yet.

There was lots of foostering with the radio today. Lots of New Wave & Euro Trash. The most appropriate song for today’s trip : “Road To Nowhere” – Talking Heads. It was a long one. I90W all the way.

On the Audio book front, I was 10 minutes in to GOT before I threw it in. The narrators characterizations sounded Monty Python sketch like. I quit before I heard Jamie Lannister in full Spam-Spam-Spam-Spam mode. No way I was dealing with 40 hours of that.

I did binge all five episodes of The Making of a Massacre on Audible (non fiction ). Topical and very good but not for the squeamish.

As I got in a bit late to the hotel, the Concierge recommended BJs. Where initially I was a little disappointed to realize a restaurant was under discussion – the bacon guacamole burger there was very good, as was the coffee. The staff there were all delightful and I got some great recommendations for Mentor.

Keeping track of costs, just for shits and giggles:

  • Gas $54
  • Best Western Plus Lawmfield Inn with brekkie $113 (My first last minute booking a success!)
  • Dinner at BJs: $13 pre-tip!

9 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 1

  1. Good morning Karl – I’m concerned you’re not traveling with some Kendal Mint Cake and Harrogate Toffee – what does it all mean I ask myself…
    Looking forward to the next episode…Cx


  2. Hey Karl! Glad you made it to get that Fab Bacon Burger in Mentor……! You looked happy with all the wandering around! Getting Lost is fun too, you might try it!
    Sending good wishes and better radio your way!
    Rollie 😎


  3. Karl! You are a piece of work. Thank you for the book – it did find its way to me and I can’t wait. Stay safe – fondest regards. I’ll follow you here.


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