Tooleing Around : Day 2

Let me start with a confession. I thought the  Wi-Fi password of “Garfield” last night at the hotel was because some manager thinks that annoying cat is cute. Turns out some President’s National Historic Site is in Mentor.

The day started with the breakfast buffet. Those are always such bleak gatherings: Limp coffee, mediocre eggs, cranky people (me). No more.

Because I learned that Willoughby, a town close by Mentor, was the feature in the classic episode of The Twilight Zone – A Stop at Willoughby – I watched it last night on Netflix and drove there today. I will say the poor lead actor looked a bit long in the tooth for a supposed 36 year old and he seemed a bit young for a midlife crises. The wife looked like she’d been around the block a few times too. Saying all that, TTZ are still without compare. They remain seminal, spooky, smart and repeatedly watchable…..

….. Anyway, I took a walk around Willoughby today. It’s got a grand little historic area with quaint restaurants, coffee shops, bars and knick-knack stores.

I stopped in at Fiona’s, a bright, comfortable coffee spot and got chatting with the proprietors, Megan and Shamus. Great coffee. It turned out that their family, the Coynes and Mores, hail from County Mayo. Their family also owns The Wild Goose, The Morehouse and a Funeral Home in Willoughby. So if you want to get drunk, eat well or perhaps bury someone in Ohio, these are the guys to know.

Digital Camera
Meghan – Fiona’s Coffee

From there I went on to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. I found the 2nd and 3rd floors far more appealing than the main exhibit on the basement level. Too many flamboyantly dressed dummy’s in the shadows down there. They gave me the willies (lifelong phobias). Glad I did it once though. Fantastic gift store and I needed more rock tees and crap for my office.

Because I had the avoid highways option set on Google Maps today, and needed to go to Home Depot for a ratchet cable  (long story but a very butch project), I inadvertently got to see some of the more savory neighborhoods of Cleveland.

Then 45 miles along the perimeter of Lake Erie to get to Sandusky. And here I am now. I made one stop in Huntington Park on the drive to see the beach and get full lake view.

I’m staying at Hotel Kilbourne in Sandusky tonight – a small, central boutique with a waterfront rooftop bar.

A good friend, wise in the ways of SNL, tells me Tommy Boy was set here. As a complete movie snob, I have never seen it. Now that I have been to Sandusky, I will still never see it.

Today’s Tally:
Gas: $48
Hotel Kilbourne booked on Hotel Tonight $121 (score)
R&RHOF ticket $26
R&RHOF Necessary Souvenirs $42
Dinner at Daly’s Pub – Cheesesteak and Soda: $9.60 … the only place open at 9PM I could find.

I need to shorten my posts.


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