Tooleing Around: Day 28


I kept the room for a second night.
Bacon egg and cheese sandwich in a Casino Cafe, exactly as expected.
I didn’t mention, my trek , west to east across the mountains yesterday, was stunning and terrifying. I’m much happier with a mountain to my right than a valley to my right. Much better driving those roads in the dark. My bravado from the Space Needle glass floor wiped, vertigo returns. I was very glad of the masterfully positioned pull over spots on the road , as I had local pickups up my hole.
I had thought of stopping last night at Whiskeytown or Shasta Lake, just east of the mountains, but the whole area was devastated by fire, numerous homes along the road decimated.
On the excellent recommendation of two blog friends this morning, I headed for Lake Tahoe, vacation home of Michael Corleone. Lake Tahoe was an hour away .
When I stopped at the first lake viewing location, I chatted with Joe, originally a local ,and Claudia, both in from Guatamala, where they’ve been for 10 years. It was Claudia’s first time at Lake Tahoe , she had my heart in my mouth standing on the cliff edge for photos. They were nice enough to perform photographer duties for me. I stood well back from the edge. Joe highly recommended Virginia City for the mining history and mine tours.
Took a walk around Incline Village, one little town by the lake and stopped  at I.V. Lab, where the Barista created my best coffee art ever (Art photo – not food). The art was better than the cappuccino FYI.
Stopped in at The Potlatch to pick up some Christmas doodahs and souvenirs. They still write the receipts by hand, for inventory purposes, so quaint . Slow and polite/Rude and quick? The question remains. Lots of exquisite Bear themed art.
Anywsy, all the lovely ladies recommended I drive to Emerald Bay. So I took my hand written receipt and my printed visa receipt and followed their recommended route.
The drive took me the full circumference of Lake Tahoe and to a high viewing point from where you can look down on the bay and the island within. Up top there are also hiking paths that take you further  up the mountain, with lots of cougar and bear warnings as you enter.
The lake is spectacular and the coast is peppered with some nice towns. The drive takes you in and out of Nevada and California. Definitely a place I’d return to.
After yesterday’s mega drive, and because I’m planning a push to Utah tomorrow, I took the Casino room a second night. There does not seem to be a lot to see in Nevada east of here, so next stop Park City.
Song of the day, Loose Fit – Happy Mondays. And, staying in context, for those that have never seen it, 24 Hour Party People, is one of the best music bio movies ever. If you love music and movies, you should be embarrassed if you’ve never seen it. You know who I’m talking to, my friend.
Went to the Casino gym and then had a sad loser dinner at the 24 hour Grand Cafe with the other sad losers that had left their mortgages on the tables and had just enough change left for a coffee and a quarter to phone their spouse to let them know they had to leave their homes tomorrow so pack up the kids. Monday night gamblers are a depressing looking crew.
Joke – the pork chops and mash were grand and I had a fine old time tooleing around Lake Tahoe today. And, an excellent Godfather II location reference.
The Price Tag:
Hotel: $50
Dinner: $21
Gas: $31

6 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 28

  1. Been out of circulation for a couple of days so catching up

    Having been to Florida many times now I am very familiar with the agony of choice some people experience buying ice cream. I recall getting out of the way of a family on a mission to Baskin Robbins on Universal Boardwalk. Stood there for half another watching each one depart with a cone about the size of one of those bull testicles. Type 2 diabetes definitely in the post.

    No need to make any guilty pleasure excuses for the Bee Gees. Barry (sadly on his own these days) blew us away at Glastonbury last year.

    Lake Tahoe, you’re somewhere I’ve been at last!

    PS Surprised you didn’t open with “It’s now 28 Days later”….

    PPS Just noticed the “Notify me of new comments” box. Now ticked.


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