Tooleing Around: Day 29

Today was a day of driving. 570 miles on Route 80 from Reno to Park City, Utah.B31D1E09-0147-4FBD-A3F3-6392EFB2131D

If anyone is ever thinking of taking this drive, take my advise, fly. Buttes, Buttes and more Buttes.

Not a lot to see. This was the most interesting spot crossing Nevada. Locals congregate here to party on the weekends.B464C0EC-D3B2-483D-BF09-4E3E4405C61F

About the only thing worth mention that I saw today were the Utah salt flats. I hit on them soon after crossing the Utah border.

Why would you have vultures over the urinals? I had performance anxiety at the gas station.DDDD2A70-EAD7-4461-9D2D-7CFB865C52C0

The Salt Flats are where they run the one mile land speed record efforts. It was also the place that the first transcontinental telephone line made contact. It was a very ghostly visual with the bleached flats against the stark gray incoming thunderstorm . I got to watch spectacular lighting strikes across the flats. It started pouring, so I got moving and drove through a downpour for a couple of hours. The first miles, flat and endlessly straight through the flats are other worldly.2FFBBEE8-DD7C-4393-B90F-131B8535695C

Eight hours driving and multiple gas/coffee stops later, I’m in Park City. The Main Street looks beautiful . 

I did get 6 hours in to a very good audio book The Coen Brothers: This really ties the films together. The author studies each film individually  but also cross references all of their 16 movies todate as a unit.  I particularly liked his breakdown of Millers Crossing , and the double theory , that everything happens twice in the movie, with different results. Now I have to rewatch.

3BCE0165-E9FE-4B79-86F2-8D705B2E97B4My top three Coen Brother movies are ; Blood Simple; Miller’s Crossing; No Country For Old Men. But then how can I leave off Fargo or The Big Lebowski.? And I love Raising Arizona.

A great audio book if you are a Coen fan. With a chapter dedicated per movie it’s very easily digestible? 


Got to Park City, parked on Main Street and managed to find The Butchers Block Chip Housd still open at 9? at the bar and had a very good halibut. Booked in to the Park City Marriot close to Main Street. The manager told me they call this time of the year Mud Season. It’s pouring here.

I’m knackered. But I think that puts the vast, empty, open spaces in my rear mirror.

Bingo. I’m definitely in Utah. Do I have any Mormon friends?

Hotel: $135

Gas: $102

Dinner: $35


3 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 29

  1. Love The Millers Crossing theory. The interaction with Tom and Leo definitely supports that idea, as does Bernie turning up in Tom’s apartment. Going to watch it again asap. And get that book of course

    Yep, I’d struggle to pick top three Coen brothers films. Interested to hear which you think was the most underrated. Probably A Serious Man but I’ve watched The Man Who Wasn’t There a few times and I think it gets funnier each viewing.


  2. Ladykillers had its moments but wasn’t one to remake given the perfection of the original. I think they did a better job on True Grit because they had more room to work


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