Tooleing Around: Day 44

Dull, dull day.AFBE2436-A34C-4BA3-8347-3F4E373C694D

Dragging my ass big time. Coffee in the lobby then headed to Asheville, North Carolina. I had to deal with some Chase Bank credit card issues before I hit the tar. After 43 days they decided to question my charges?
I did absolutely nothing today but drive. 290 miles from Nashville to Asheville (good name for my bio). The road took me through the Smokey Mountains, connecting Tennessee to North Carolina. Not the fastest trip, hit pockets of traffic, but I’m back on the Eastern Standard clock.
Stopped at coffee shop in town to get my bearings. High Five was a crunchy spot and had great cappuccino. From there I booked in online to the Holiday Inn a few miles outside town. It’s busy here, on the edge of leaf peeping season, which is late this year. It was after eight by the time I got to the hotel.
Song well placed today Mister Blue Sky – ELO. I saw them in MSG in August, they were magnificent live. Their first time in The Garden in 40 plus years.
It seems the Biltmore Estate, the biggest privately owned home in the United States is in Asheville. Originally built by the Vanderbilt’s, who started the Staten Island Ferry, so we know who’s responsible for that. The towns also know for its micro breweries.
Since I spent all day on my arse I went to the gym then the hotel restaurant before it closed at 10. Decent salmon. A loud ex bodybuilder was holding court for his birthday at the bar.
Tennessee based Movies to recommend: Nashville (one of Robert Altman’s best); Inherit The Wind (holds up); This is Spinal Tap (some of it); The Evil Dead (launched Sam Raimi).
Books: The Firm; The Blind Side ( book great, film overacted melodrama); The Underground Railroad.
Tonorrow I will do things.
The Tab:
Hotel: $147
Dinner: $18

2 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 44

  1. Hey Karl Are u still in N Carolina? My friend Magda lives there. Do you remember her? I should have mentioned it sooner so you could have met up.


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