Tooleing Around: Day 43

Mine was a Country and Western filled day.
Bumped in to Martin in the elevator looking hung over shiney. The Hickory Grill is also the breakfast room, they remove the bar. Charged me $3 for a coffee. It’s the little things.
Broadway bound, it’s the central strip in Nashville.
Found parking back down by the river and started moseying. This is definitely a party town, mid morning and live music is playing everywhere. Stopped in at the Sun Diner. The healthiest thing on the menu is bacon , egg and cheese on a bagel. I ordered the hangover flatbread WTF that is. The rock and roll in here is deafening – Joan Jett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Peter Gabriel, Fats Domino , Simple Minds – loud –  love it – could sit here all day. And great coffee.
The hangover flatbread is my greatest breakfast dish in history ever – scrambled  egg , sour cream , bacon, more bacon, extra egg and scallions on a crispy flatbread served pizza fashion . Big enough for four.
Before and After.
Then next door to the Man in Black exhibit, the one who actually did sing he shot a man in Reno. The museum for Johnny Cash, the man, the legend, is hugely popular . Though one of the all time greatest musicians, the exhibit of his acting clips taught me he was a dreadful actor. Included is a tribute to the Sun Record greats and the Million Dollar Quartet.  My favorite Cash song is, of course, his cover of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus. Ring of Fire is pretty good too.

Call me Crazy, but I just had to go upstairs and see the Patsy Cline museum too. And that truly has always been one of my favorite songs, on loop on 45 on the jukebox. Another fun museum,  I almost went to pieces in there.

I left the gift store a lot poorer. I couldn’t walk the line on which souvenirs to buy. Tees, keychains, mugs, books? Couldn’t make the call , so bought the lot. 

Onward to the Ryman Auditorium, the original Grande Olde Opry. Now I usually skip or skimp on the video presentations, but their display on the Ryman and Olde Opry History is really well put together, interesting and entertaining. Actually managed to be light on the cheesy. It may even have convinced me I’m actually a C&W fan underneath the Electronica facade. From there you entered and toured the Opry hall itself. The original seats are like church benches.
Nelson Eddy poster , performing at the Opry, included for dear old Mom.
Back out on Broadway , I dropped into Laylas Honkeytonk and listened to a band perform some Merle Haggard covers for a bit. They switched it up to HonkeyTonk, Truck Drivin Man. Every bar has live musicians, in the middle of the afternoon, living off tip buckets. I need to get me a dog and a pickup. I went in a few more to hear a song or two and spread a few bucks around. Paid a homeless chicken woman for a photo.
Leaving from town I had to find an Apple store, my powecell was not charging. Wayne, the counter lad, recommended a trip to Asheville as well . He rebuilds Moog synthesizers as a hobby so we talked Krafwerk and Jan Michele Jarre and I talked Underworld. He’s a big fan, I’ve seen them play New York the past couple of years. He suggested  a couple of destinations right up my alley I will try for tomorrow.
Scored a good seat at the Grande Ole Oprey for tonight’s line up at 9.30pm!  There are two shows every Tuesday. I went with a black and white checked shirt with black trousers and jacket. Dressy , tradition yet with a hint of Country.
Ah! The Grand Ole Opry House – think a night at Lincoln Center but a lot less teeth and a lot more beards and dungarees and hats . Joke (ish).
This is it the C&W Mecca. The GOO is on the go since 1925. GOO is a blend of modernity and nostalgia, the seats are still church pew style. There’s a five band line up tonight and I recognized one name   – The Charlie Daniels Band. You all know them!
I got a great floor seat, stage front, 16th row! Psyched! The show tonight was sponsored by Dollar General. They are running a special on adult wipes.
Tonight is Tuesday Night Opry, the show is broadcast live on 650WSM as it has been for many years,  a Nashville tradition.
There are few moments on this trip that will match getting to hear Charlie Daniels play The Devil Went Down to Georgia live at the Grand Olde Opry. The man turns 82 this month. His band were hopping live, I’ve never heard fiddle like it.
Do you know the difference between a violin and a fiddle ? Attitude.
Craig Morgan, obviously a huge crowd favorite, celebrated his 10th Anniversary as an Opry inductee member, on the stage tonight. It seems one of his big hits is called Redneck Yacht Club, I was possibly the only person didn’t know the lyrics. He debuted his new song I Need A Bar at the event, he’s a fantastic performer. The song before that dealt with drinking whiskey excessively, though he hates the taste. Craig might consider going to a meeting.
The last act was some pop teeny, platinum album seller, Kelsea Ballerini. Teeny C&W sounds just like Teeny Pop. Baby & Crazy rhymed a lot , I expected Fire & Desire soon after. She finished with Make the World Go Away, an old standard. That worked . She was not my cup up tea.
Bill Anderson & Luke Combs also performed.
The GOO was a load of fun.
The Bills:
Hotel: $160
Gas: $38
Dinner: $7

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