Coronavirus Days 8 – Shopping with Celebrities

Boredom drove me out to LaBonnes again. If anyone needs a shoe shine I’ve now plenty of polish, in a variety of colors, and protective spray. The shelves were all fully stocked with food products. Not a lot a bread, but no lines.

Things are getting tight

My binge viewing selection for tonight was handed to me at the supermarket!

Just two people in front of me at the register was multiple Oscar nominee Laura Linney. I was shifting towards her, approaching to tell her how much I love her current show when I got the hand .

“Space! Space!” from a salt and pepper haired woman wearing some kind of mohair smock. I was invading her five foot space, even though her little tosser of a son had squeezed between my spuds and her organically filled cart. Maybe your brat is a filthy little carrier mom. And, Christ it’s a fucking check out line, lady. Use Amazon Prime , shop at home you demented Yak.

But I didn’t say any of that . I was a polite social distancer and stayed my cart length social distance and excused myself and smiled like an imbecile. Because people are stressed and we all need to be nicer. Shit!

Shopping today with my good friend Laura

Anyway, on to Ozark on Netflix, starring (my new friend) Laura Linney and Jason Bateman. Season 3 airs on March 27th.

Here’s the basic concept. The Byrdes , an unhappily married couple and their two teenage kids , are forced into hiding in the Ozarks. They need to launder millions for the cartel or they’re dead. And not nice dead.

Julia Garner is a scene stealer as the tough little red neck crook running scams and a strip club. I’d never heard a lesbian bobcat joke before.

Ozark is a show that constantly shifts and surprises with top notch performances across the board.

I learned a trick. If you want to see how good or bad a characters performance is, turn down the volume.

My Cowrona

I have a big issue with most modern sci-fi films. Too many conclude with the same small orb/tube/box that glows and will destroy the Universe in the wrong hands.

Netflix took a great book (Broken Angels) and created a screenplay of cliches . I binged it so you don’t have to. Brienne concurs! Hannah was a little more forgiving.

Watch Me!

I’m creating a new movie category: “Films you probably should not watch with all the panic in the world but Karl is recommending none the less.”

Children of Men is a dystopian thriller set in 2027 England. A never better Clive Owen plays a bored civil servant who is tasked with saving the future of the human race. In the not too distant future the world has stopped populating and your youth alone is enough to create media celebrity.

The film is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who went on to direct the overrated Gravity, with the always overrated Sandra Bullock . Gravity was one big special effect; Children of Men is a masterpiece. It is dark and violent, but it’s also full of humanity and hope.

I have to start giving Shelley (who’s my favorite friend-in-law) some viewing disclaimers , before she blacklists me. Children of Men is a hardcore watch too. Uncut Gems gave her nightmares.

Clive Owen is also great in his one episode of this seasons Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO). That you should be watching too. Larry will cheer you up.

I’m also recommending the book Children of Men – by P.D. James. It has the same core concept as the film but also has major differences . In this case the differences make for an excellent read. The 1992 novel was on many British Books of the Century lists.

Stacey having a good Horse season

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