Coronavirus Days 7 – The Rewatchables

I didn’t need anything from the supermarket today, I just needed to get out and about. I now have three extra toilet brushes in a variety of pastel colors and some extra extra virgin olive oil. Wifey is still in Florida with the horsey so I’m solo up here on my hill and I get antsy. I may be over buying without adult supervision. Visitors welcome.

I bumped into an acquaintance from my golf club at Hannafords. Marge was looking for an onion. She had no joy. I offered to drive her to my place and trade a couple of old scallions if she had any wet wipes on her. No joy there either.

What does one do for a haircut during a pandemic?

Which all brings me to an alternate binge format: Podcasts.

The Rewatchables is a series of standalone round table discussions centered on movies that the panel love to rewatch. These podcasts are hilarious, educational and a fact fest for movie geeks like myself. The format centers on a general discussion followed by “The Categories”; what’s the best scene; best quotes ; alternate casting; what holds up/what doesn’t and excellent film trivia. Quentin Tarantino was a recent guest on three episodes, discussing some of his favorites. The man’s enthusiasm is infectious. I leave every episode ready to rewatch the discussion topic.

Where’s my brother Mark when I need him?

Pick a film you like and dive in. Everyone loves The Godfather and it’s a great one to start with . GF1 is one of the longer episodes.

A shout out to our friend Mike for recommending this binger to me last year. I’m hooked.

I started my Rewatchables listening with 48 Hours, a film which remains firmly on my all time best list.

The Front Garden Today

So for today’s obvious movie recommendation – 48 Hours .

This is the mismatched buddy/cop film that started them all. The movie was Eddie Murphy’s first starring role and paired him with a much older than he looked Nick Nolte. Nick liked to party back in the day. It’s evident why Eddie quickly elevated to the worlds biggest box office star. He was 21 when he made 48 Hours.


The director, Walter Hill, often features scenes in beer joints named Torchy’s. The Torchys Country and Western bar scene is my top rewatchable pick in 48 Hours. Gantz (James Remar) playing the psycho villain, ranks second on my 80’s bad guy list. Hans in Die Hard will always be my #1 ❤️.

I’m rewatching it tonight.

I have the Blu-Ray but 48 Hours is currently showing on STARZ and streaming everywhere.

Come experience some of my bullshit

As I browsed through letters from home in my old shipping trunk tonight, I found my Granny’s family meatball recipe. It has been passed from Grandma to Grandson across the generations.

I felt this was my time to try it out. Stay tuned.

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