Coronavirus Days 18 – Mailbox

The most interesting thing I did today was walk the quarter mile down my driveway to my mailbox. It was interesting because I wasn’t sure where my mailbox was.

It turns out it’s the other side of Route 82, outside my neighbor’s house. Kermit, our postman, only leans out one side of his postal van to deliver it seems.

The mailbox was filled with damp moldy fliers, coupons and a census I should have taken two years ago, under penalty of law. I guess I’m getting prison time. There was also an assortment of insects and spiders. Nothing I needed.

Route 82 was deserted today. I stood there for 40 minutes hoping to see a car. Hoping to connect. Nothing.

Get Your Kicks On Route 82

I was forced to grow a beard a couple of decades back. I had some strange rash and couldn’t shave for a month. When it grew out that time it was red. I looked like a deranged leprechaun. This time around with the salt and pepper growth, I think I look very butch. Pretty fab. I think I’m keeping it.

Because today is both Shelley’s and SIL Kir’s birthday, I feel a responsibility to recommend some nice viewing and reading.

Its hard not to get completely drawn into the world of Sully, the hero(ish) of Nobody’s Fool , as written by Richard Russo. Sully is a stubborn, juvenile, 60-year-old man who has never left his small upstate town and squeaks out a living doing manual work. Sully is a man defined by his character flaws. You cannot help but love this guy.

Nobody’s Fool is funny and moving and is the one books that I have recommended unreservedly since I read it in 1993. It will become one of your favorites, as it is mine. My very good friend Amy Kingswell will back me up!

Most of my nieces and nephews I think but I’m not sure who’s who. It’s a few years ago. I think that’s Shane in the red shirt.

I’m also recommending Empire Falls – Richard Russo’s Pulitzer prize winning novel from 2001. This book follows a cast of characters and events surrounding the Empire Diner. The story centers on diner owner Miles Roby and his day to day life and strife in fictional Empire Falls, a small rundown town in Maine.

Ed Harris – Empire Falls

The HBO adaptation was a multi award winner and stars Ed Harris as Miles and Paul Newman as his grubby, mooching father. Empire Falls also stars Mrs. Paul Newman, Joanna Woodward. This is another series with a major cast. And I’m going to re-watch it, starting tonight.

I was reminded by my friend Jennifer Brancato that before we had Tiger King and the big cat tunes of Joe Exotic, there was Staten Island’s own Sean and The Ligers.


Sean and his band (since renamed Third Tiger Blind), would cover feline themed C&W, Rock and Rockabilly standards. SATL (as the band liked to be called during their peak) covered such classics as Stray Cat Strut; Year of the Cat and of course, Eye of the Tiger. Phoebe Buffay’s chartbusting hit, Smelly Cat, was also a popular request from Sean’s repertoire.

Much of the cash The Ligers raised went towards the Save the Pussy on The Dump Foundation; an organization formed in 2009 to help preserve the wildcats that run rampant on the world-famous Staten Island tip.

George Phillips at Bok Towers & Gardens, FL.

I did hear today from our old friend George Phillips, who is staying well in Brooklyn. George shared some viewing recommendations (for later) and this photo from a recent trip to Florida. See you for lunch soon friend!


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