Tooleing Around: Day 3

Where’s me gold? Where’s me gold?

Time to track down that scrappy leprechaun. I’m in South Bend, Indiana.

Seven years ago I would have gotten to know every bartender as I crossed the country. Now I’m getting to meet every barista. Seven years ago I’d have seen two states: Drunk and Hungover.

Boom town, Sandusky on one of the main drags is where I went for my morning coffee surge. The staff was hugely welcoming. I chatted with the girls behind the counter and Cristina, a local stylist for Stichfix. All three ladies helped me out a lot with travel recommendations and local knowledge. Very good cappuccinos – I stayed for a second.

Digital Camera
Boomtown Emily & Hollie

A very good friend and myself have a long standing competition to find the most bizarre and inane museums. Mine, to date, is the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota. His is the Herring Era Museum in Iceland.

As I was leaving Sandusky I happened on The Merry-Go-Round Museum. How could I not? It’s set in a stately, pillared , converted Post office. Gerry, on the ticket window, started volunteering there when she retired 24 years ago and very kindly gave me the two minute history. The displays at the museum are colorful and cheerful. One of the fun pieces, from the reindeer carousel display, was featured at a Christmas reading in the White House. The centerpiece is full working carousel. I took the token but never took the ride. It had a  Something Wicked This Way Comes vibe plus,  I get motion sickness.

Merry-Go-Round Museum
Merry-Go-Round Museum

Then 208 miles to South Bend. I took the blue highways as much as google maps would let me and got to see a lot of the back country.

Lesson learned and confirmed today, I do not like fictional audio books. All that D-Lister voicing just gets on my titties. Tried “I am Legend (I am Bob)” and found the reader annoyingly sardonic and the writing juvenile.

So, I went with the two available episodes of Dr. Death (podcast), from the crew behind the exceptional Dirty John. For those that know me, it’s right up my alley. So be warned.

Also on today’s play list, American Kingpin – the story of the modern Silk Road. I’m hooked.

Once again, I last minute booked with Hotel Tonight and scored a great rate and a large suite at The Varsity Clubs of America. Tammy and the girls at the front desk went above and beyond the call of duty getting me well situated and providing lots of local information. Tammy even found me an online national list of oddball museums by State.

Managed to get to the gym at the Hotel today and had the place to myself. A lot of large people peeped in the door.

With the Notre Dame game here Saturday they were looking at crazy money to stay a second night. Someone said they are trying out a new pitcher.

As I’ve now departed Ohio here are my recommendations for books and films based in that State.

Books: Little Fires Everywhere; A Simple Plan; Everything I Never Told You

Films: Silence of the Lambs; Heathers; Lolita (Kubrick original); Chicken People (documentary on the Westminster  of Poultry) and Gummo (my brother in law never thought the same of me after he watched it).

We should all watch Deliverance tonight in memory of Burt Reynolds. Its my favorite of his and his proudest work. Or Boogie Nights, his Oscar nomination. Once the world’s biggest box office star, the guy worked right up to his 82nd year. Gotta love him.

Dinner tonight was at Livery in South Bend. They have a Great Mahi Mahi taco in a beautiful new location. They are just open a week and a half. Nice buzz.

My relevant random song today:  “Cars” – Gary Numan.

Can anyone tell me what Quaker Steak and Lube are? Does one go there for a Beef Rub? I keep seeing these signs.

Today’s Tally:
Hotel $85
Dinner: $33
Merry-Go-Round Museum: $6
Christmassy Things from Merry-Go-Round Store: $26


8 thoughts on “Tooleing Around: Day 3

  1. Quaker Steak & Lube is a casual dining restaurant chain based in Sharon, Pennsylvania. The original restaurant was built in 1974 by George “Jig” Warren and Gary “Mo” Meszaros in an abandoned gas station in downtown Sharon, and decorated with license plates and old automobiles. Originally a “cook-your-own-steak” establishment, Quaker Steak’s signature dish is now its chicken wings and the variety of sauces used to season them.[1]


  2. Liked to have asked if a ride could really go as fast that one in “Strangers on a Train”. I’ve always felt it gives an otherwise superb film and suspenseful climax a slightly comic element.


    1. Padraig is right, of course. And I’d any of us ever had any doubt, I think Karl is in the process of proving the point. Awfully funny though.


  3. Loved the writing- super clever. You would think something with so many puns with be punishing 🙂

    Appreciated the line “Seven years ago I’d have seen two states: Drunk and Hungover.”

    I feel like there is a book in here.

    I have to get back to work but I seemed to have gotten a little addicted to your blog. Ok more later. I really love it, I do.


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