Coronavirus Days 3 – Millerton

I’ve solved the toilet paper issue.

As is my way every Saturday I headed into Millerton for a bit of a mosey. For the most part it was business as usual in town.

The Oakhurst Diner was open for take-out only. I had a coffee at the counter with the manager Clare. I’m always treated very well in there. Like most places Oakhurst is taking precautions. There’s is the best regular coffee in town. Happy to report that no one has stolen any bog roll from their bathrooms yet.

Clare at Oakhurst

I did meet my buddy Steve Irving in Irving Coffee (no relation) for brunch. It was business as usual there.

Oblong Books was pleasantly active. One of the few upsides to the current going’s on may be more readers.

Irving at Irving

I did see Little Fires Everywhere prominently displayed on their bookshelves. The story centers around an arson and the master and servant relationship between two families in Shaker Heights, Ohio. It’s captivating, very readable and smart. It’s a one sitting read if you put yourself down with it.

I read this when it first came out on hardcover. It’s now a Reese Witherspoon selection. That is like a crucifix to this vampire. When did she become the book expert? That goes for you too Oprah.

Reese has cast herself and Kerry Washington as leads in the current Hulu adaptation. They are not at all who I pictured in the roles.

The author Celeste Ng has a previous novel , Everything I Never Told You. It’s excellent but grim.

Uncut Gems

Tonight I’ve been forced to revise my opinion of Adam Sandler. I’ve never found him funny nor talented before. Uncut Gems (On Demand) just changed all that.

His performance as a compulsive gambling jewelry dealer in 2012 NYC is one of the years best, in one of the best films from 2019. It’s intense. The Safdie brothers last directed Good Time (NetFlix) another rollercoasting nail biter starring main man Robert Pattinson.

The 21 Club – Christmas 2019

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