Coronavirus Days 4 – Taghanic Diner

So I took advantage of all the panic.

West Taghkanic Diner is usually impossible to get into for Sunday Brunch. Not today. Their source to table food is delicious and they serve some of the best coffee I’ve had out. Give cups may have been excessive though. Teresa, my server , couldn’t have been nicer. They are quieter than usual but buzzing none the less.

I sat alone at the counter acting like a good social distancing citizen. Plus, they wouldn’t give this single loser a table.

Kieran – I know you like details on the food front. I had eggs over easy on bacon hash with sourdough toast. I had no scones, though they offered a biscuit on the menu.

As a binge recommendation today, I’m going with Giri/Haji, an eight parter on Netflix. Its a fish out of water, Japanese detective in London drama. The plot juggles a murder mystery, layered on top of a Yakuza meets London Mob story, with a bit of an old love angle thrown in the mix. And there’s some youthful lesbian action. This one was originally recommended by my good buddy Brienne.

The girl on the deli counter said these taste fine if you soak them overnight in water or milk.

My book recommendation for a totally immersive read is 11/22/63. Before you say, “I don’t read Stephen King” – this is not his typical fare. The plot revolves around an attempt to stop the Kennedy assassination . This one was awarded the L.A. Times Book Prize in 2011 and was a NY Times top 5 in Fiction. So there!

Here’s a rarity . I’m recommending a nice movie tonight. Local Hero (Amazon Prime) is one that always puts a smirk on my cynical face. A cocky American businessman is sent from Houston to buy a seafront Scottish village for his oil company. That about sums it. It’s whimsical , warm and funny. It will cheer you up.

This is NOT a good time to start reading The Stand.

Local Hero

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