Coronavirus Days 5 – Salisbury

Working from home went well today. Full credit to the TransRe IT department (that I’m of course a member of). Everything connected and ran smoothly. The coffee here is great too.

I took a spin to Salisbury, CT to see if I’d have any luck shopping. I did. LaBonnes was open and the shelves were all healthily stocked. Not 100% healthy mind, but it was far from last wheeze either. I beat out some old dear on a walker for the last restocked 12 pack of TP. Sweet!

Score !

Sweet Williams, my favorite little bakery , was also still open. They are closing tomorrow until things blow over. I did get my cheese-bacon-chive scones.

Scone Score !

Altered Carbon is Netflix’s most expensive production to date and it’s all up there to see on the screen. This high concept sci-fi-noir is based on three Takeshi Kovacs novels by Richard K. Morgan. The series is complex, dark, highly sexed and violent; everything I could ask for in a ten hour binge.

The first series stars the always watchable Joel Kinnaman (more on him later in another excellent binger). Each episode is titled after a classic film noir. Episode one, Out of the Past (Amazon/iTunes) is named for my ultimate Noir classic – 1947 Kirk Douglas & Robert Mitchum.

The obvious visual influence for the series is my favorite movie of all time. Blade Runner (NetFlix) is the daddy of all cyber-punk films. It’s based on the classic sci-fi novel Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep by author Philip K. Dick. It seems these sci-fi scribes like middle-K-names. Dick’s also the writer of The Man in the High Castle, currently on Amazon.

Once you’ve watched Blade Runner binge on with the underrated, perfect sequel Blade Runner 2049 (Amazon).

I’m four episodes into season 2 of Altered Carbon and here’s what I’ve learned so far. Anthony Mackie is a terrible actor and a complex plot doesn’t necessarily mean smart. The fight scenes are top notch though. I will finish watching it and report in.

As I stood peeing upstairs earlier this afternoon and wistfully gazed out my bathroom window, I observed a herd of wild turkeys meander peacefully through my woods. “If only I had a fucking shotgun,” I mused.

Food in but I forgot toothpaste. Tomorrow I’ll start isolation.

Front Garden Ancramdale – Enjoy The Silence

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