Coronavirus Days 6 – St. Paddy’s

Merry St. Paddy’s Day!

Plastic Paddy

Luck of the Irish me hole! I quit the sauce nine years ago and the only thing I’ve overstocked at the house is booze. I’ll trade you a Jameson’s for a box of sanitary wipes!

Days Past

I did take a final run for groceries today, before I go all hermit. The buying had subsided at LaBonnes and there was plenty on the shelves. I bought more meat then ventured onward to Irving coffee, for one last public cappuccino. They are now serving take out only.

I figure when everything settles down I’ll need to have a Coronavirus Overstock BBQ. You’re invited.

Irving The Last Take Out

Sticking with all things Irish today, I’ve a triple movie recommendation.

High on my rewatchables list is In Bruges, Martin Mc Donagh’s demented black comedy. The story covers a few days in the lives of two Dublin killers hiding out in Bruges. I had never liked Colin Farrell before but this film made a fan of me. For a change you get to hear his thick Dub accent. Brendan Gleason as always lights up the screen, as the seasoned, more educated partner (that’s Mad Eye Moody for you Harry Potter fans). This movie had me wanting to visit Belgium.

Here’s a challenge – name three famous Belgians .

Triple Tri-Color

Brendan Gleeson is also the guard in The Guard. He’s a whoring, drugging, drinking cop stationed in my home County Galway. Don Cheadle co-stars as an FBI agent brought in to investigate a consignment of cocaine expected to land by boat somewhere in the nether regions of Connemara. Liam Cunningham adds to the cast as a supporting villain (that’s Davos for you GOT fans). The Guard is all kinds of Irish quirkiness. Its violent, touching and hilarious.

Both films are refreshingly non-PC.

For more traditional viewing I’m throwing The Quiet Man in the mix; the Irish American Paddy’s Day staple. This 50’s classic is certainly not the greatest of John Ford movies but it’s fun fluffy viewing. Ireland looks magnificent in sweeping technicolor. And you can love him or hate him, but John Wayne was a movie star.

Toolie & The Duke

As another fascinating aside about me, I have a full set of autographs from the stars and director of the The Quiet Man. I’ve got four eventual Oscar winner scrawls in that book. My grandfather gave it to me as a gift when I was really too young to own it. He had a friend worked as a bus driver, shuttling the stars to the Ashford Castle set, who scored them. I supposed he could have left The cash in the middle of the Headford road if they refused to sign.

Grandad also gave me a lovely pocket watch he’d somehow gotten from a convent. I was only eight at the time and his oldest grandchild. I never understood the story behind that one. What happened the nun? Anyway, I smashed it on the scullery counter swinging it on the pocket chain. Stupid gift for a child really. I still have the autographs though.

On the Irish book front, and pound for pound the book that I can most relate to my family, I’m all in for The Barrytown Trilogy – by Roddy Doyle (The Commitments/The Snapper/The Van). The movie adaptations are worth a look too. The Snapper has the greatest opening line.

And lastly, for an excellent Irish Binger watch Love/Hate (Amazon Prime). It is a compulsive five short seasons. The hardcore stories center around drug dealers in Dublin. Check out Little Finger as a paranoid drug kingpin. Love/Hate was the water cooler viewing back in the homeland when it originally aired. This is definitely not the Ireland of leprechauns and fairy forts. Enjoy.

Happy St. Paddy’s All

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus Days 6 – St. Paddy’s

  1. Hey Karl! Me and Alfie just catching up with the blog now. Lovin’ the reviews and recommendations. Just so happened we had a cinema night at the seminar in Châtel last week. About a thousand flix to pick from and everyone had their own ideas. Stuck my neck out and pushed for In Bruges which none of the others had seen. Finished with everyone happy and my credibility intact. A fine film with some great C-bombs


  2. I’m so glad your doing this again! It was so good last time and I’ve been looking forward to you starting it again. Good luck with the corona virus. Hopefully you don’t run out of toilet roll like us…


    1. Maddy – great to hear from you. I’ll mail you some TP. I’m flush (good one). Crazy times – but will make for some stories……See you soon. I’ll come to London when everything settles down


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